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"Membership in ABWA has made me feel more valuable as a person, and that what I do is important. It has increased my self-confidence and has especially helped me speak in front of groups."  ~Anonymous


Reasons Why I'm in ABWA by  Stephanie H.

  • I attend ABWA meetings because I really enjoy the friendship I've found within the group.
  • ABWA has helped me grow my business with "new customers" and supporters of the non-profit I work to represent.
  • I've had the opportunity to learn and grow by various opportunities on committees, the executive board and presenting at meetings.
  • ABWA is a really supportive, welcoming place to learn and grow. What better way to gain new skills than amongst the safety of friends.
  • It's great to feel a part of a larger organization while keeping our local flare. I've enjoyed the chance to go to meetings with other members and meet new people involved with ABWA all over the state.



Reasons Why I'm in ABWA by Diane M.

  • I have grown personally as a leader among my friends.
  • It's been an opportunity to develop new business skills.
  • The online Womens Instructional Network tool has allowed me to receive professional development.
  • I have received national and local recognition and support.
  • I love being able to mentor and help other women achieve their goals.


Reasons Why I'm in ABWA by Deb B.

  • The women of Suburban Connection are friends that support me personally and professionally.
  • Suburban Connection and ABWA regional, district and national levels provide great opportunities for networking and chances for personal growth by accepting leadership opportunities on the board of directors or serving on a committee.


Reasons Why I'm in ABWA by Julie S.

  • Sisterhood
  • Opportunities to network
  • Social outlet and support
  • Opportunities for community involvement
  • Positive support
  • Job related training
  • Leadership development


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